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Do Not Let Others Control Your Peace

Something I wrote recently and make an effort to review every day. You can be even-tempered and calm even with the most unreasonable and offensive people without being a pushover. Maintaining your poise and not submitting weakly is the only way to win. And it can be done.

Ki’a and Dragonson – October 2009

Ki’a and Dragonson.  A new Facebook picture seemed a good excuse to shoot us together.

The Saddest Sign in my town is one year old

Feykin and Dragonson at Convocation 2009

And now you know one of the many reasons that I love my wife and son so much.  My woman is beautiful and intelligent and my son a smart, charming little rascal with a smile that is likely to break a few hearts along the way.  I am very blessed.  And it was worth all

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