Discussion Notes:

- Where I have been
- Death as a Tim Burton character
- OBE unto Death
- Medical miracle
- The ‘Great Wicca Magick Controversy’
- Moving from Solitaire work to Group work
- Ki’a and the Archangel
- Getting better at everything
- http://magicblog.andriehvitimus.com/2014/02/archangel-michael-you-can-participate.html

Music Notes:

- SJ Tucker, “Poem of War” from Album Ember Days album
- Heather Dale, “Brother Stand Beside” from The Green Knight album
- SJ Tucker, “Neptune” from the Mischief album
- SJ Tucker, “The Song of the Witches” from the Wonder album
- Damh the Bard, “Ceridwen and Taliesn” from the Antlered Crown and Standing Stone album
- Eluveitie, “A Rose for Epona” from the helvetios album
- Eluveitie, “Epilogue” from the Helvetios album

Andrieh sent me a text on Christmas Eve.

We had been drinking. We kept drinking throughout.

The following is the result: Click Here



by Ki'a Dragon

This website is like a great and reliable soldier.  I never wanted to retire this old warhorse because it has served me well for so many years.

But technology marches on and I have a lot of renovating to do.  Due to the following fortuitous circumstances and saving my day job’s per diem checks, PaganChaosMagic.com is getting a whole new look:

  • I purchased lifetime rights to produce and publish anything I can create with Transparent Corp Brainwave Entrainment Software.  I was fortunate that I have a business use for it elsewhere, but to get the right to distribute any tracks I needed to purchase a personal lifetime membership.  PCM benefits as a consequences of that purchase.
  • For the same project and other for-profit projects, I purchased the Ithemes.com Developer Package (which includes the Builder Wordpress Template, all themes, all plugins)

So the wonderful fallout of all of the above is that this website is going to undergo MAJOR renovations.

When we are done, you won’t recognize this place.  And we will be able to incorporate more Brainwave Entrainment in future podcasts.

And yes…I am working on the next episode.  Swear to Eris!  I have the abstract completed already.  Now to get some quiet time to record…

And yes…I will put in a proper set of Blogroll Links.  I have been lazy.  There are plenty of links to awesome resources like runesoup.com that I am long overdue for putting together.

Before the big shift, you will notice more and more of the old MP3 feed episodes switching over to the Libsyn feed.  Every episode since 19 has been served from the Libsyn feed, so I am going to finish off loading the old podcasts to the high bandwidth servers of Libsyn and give my own server a rest.

The cool side effect of all this is that once again, the entire library of episodes will be downloadable from ITunes.

It always amazes me to see people still downloading my entire catalog of podcasts.  You people rock!

Segment Notes:
War on Scientific Arrogance – The Truth Wears Off
Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Quantum Entanglement Across Time
Sport Cursing and its related Stupidities
The Eight Colors of Magic

Music Notes:
“Morrigan” by Omnia from the album Live on Earth
“The Atom” by Ani Difranco from the album Red Letter Year
“Witchka” by SJ Tucker from the album Mischief
“Taranis Jupiter” by Omnia from the album Wolf Love
“All This” by Ani Difranco from the album Red Letter Year
“The Truth About Ninjas” by SJ Tucker from the album Mischief



by Ki'a Dragon

I believe in Thor. I do not credit every lightning storm I see to him. I am not hiding or denying the science that tells me how that storm was producing lightning and thunder.

But I am not hiding or denying the fact that humankind does NOT KNOW EVERYTHING about why things happen or even every variable in that single lightning storm.

- Ki’a Dragon

When I go to research news and current events in the Pagan community at large, I start at the Wild Hunt. I could talk all day about how awesome this endevour is or how cool Jason is to consistently achieve a high level of professional journalism I can’t find elsewhere. But better just to show you.

Help out a Pagan Enterprise that refused to sell out and refused to be manuevered into selling out for cheap spikes in traffic.

Drop by this podcasts Facebook page and give it a Like if you want to here more yakking.

But I do warn you, that I am just another opinionated twatwaffle on Facebook. On many occasions I have acidic, sarcastic and even (when the occasion calls for it) out-right rude comments that I make. I plead the Passion and Imperfection of the Human Condition. (Yeah! I have philosophical justification for calling you a Mofo!)

You are both Invited and Warned. All email hating will be read and gleefully ignored.


Anyone interested in Alchemy or even Entity Creation Magick should watch this scientist’s experiments.



by Ki'a Dragon

Take the time to watch this. It is one of the best short and concise introduction to the science of Memetics I have ever heard.

Show Notes:

Back in Michigan! Twisty, turny path and back to where I need to be and how my Ancestor work played very positively. Also some chat about the Mabinogian and music.

Then we close the show with an interview with Mojo and Sparrow of the Wigglian Way!

Music Notes:

“Castle of Arianrhod” from the album Bending Tradition by Emerald Rose
“Dance Until We Die” from the album Wolf Love by Omnia
“Jabberwocky” from the album Wolf Love by Omnia
“Prefabricated Loonie Commune” from the album Verbal Bandit by Heifervescent



by Ki'a Dragon

Episode 24 Notes

Four month time warp, Pantheocon, Pagan Gender Drama,

Party Rituals, Accidental Love Magic and Assorted Weirdness

Music Notes ——————————-

Omnia – Etrezoan Ne Kelted, Pagan Folk at the Fairy Ball

Fenrir – The White Deer, Frozen Flowers

SJ Tucker – Tori Day, Tangles

Bone Poets Orchestra – Drawing Down the Moon, Vitus Dance

Ani DiFranco – Pick Yer Nose, Puddle Dive

Fiona Davidson – The Call of the Fianna

Eluveitie – Calling the Rain, Slania



by Ki'a Dragon

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 23

Where has Ki’a been?

Ki’a talk about his move and changes.

Discussion of relationship with Eris and Gaia.

The ‘Books I Have Been Reading’ Segment

Practical applications of Chaos Magic in Systems Theory

Music ————

Damh the Bard, “The Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood”

Avalon Rising, “Jack Daw” from the album Storming Heaven

Hungry Lucy, “Losing Faith” from the album Before We Stand…We Crawl

Nico, “My Name is Lugh”

Faith & The Muse, “Scars Flown Proud” from the album Evidence of Heaven

Avalon Rising, “Health to the Company” from the album Storming Heaven



by Ki'a Dragon

Still hacking like a plague victim, but escaping the worst of the plague after three weeks. One more Long, Dark Night of the Soul behind me.

I have too much to say to go away. And I have promises to keep.

Ki’a Dragon has not left the building.



by Ki'a Dragon

Show Notes:

Surprise! I am in California.

Some notes and thoughts on the pathworking for Episode 21B.

Surprise! My car got yoinked.

An impromptu Journal to Dragonson about Revenge, Justice, Curses, Hexes, Ancestors and the rollercoaster of working with the Mistress of Chaos.

Music Notes:

“Willing to Fight”, Ani DiFranco – Puddle Dive

“Moot”, Paul Newman – Two Sticks are Better than One

“Cernunnos”, Faith and the Muse – Anwynn Beneath the Waves

“The Ballad of Rupert”, Tom Smith – They Say I’ve Got Talent



by Ki'a Dragon

Show Notes: Episode 21b
Pathworking 1


Magickal Pathworking utilizing Brainwave Entrainment Techniques.

This Pathworking introduces the student the entering Trance, following a guide to the Doorway to the All Forest.

Here the student with find and learn the first things about their personal partner Tree in the astral All Forest.


The Brainwave Entraiment used with the permission of http://www.transparentcorp.com is called NeuroProgrammer 3.



by Ki'a Dragon

Show Notes: Episode 21a

Introduction and instructions on using the Pathworking in Episode 21b

A review of Brainwave Entrainment, Sound in Magick, Pathworking, Trance

Music Notes:

“Overture – Sorrow’s Song”, SJ Tucker from the album Solace and Sorrow
“Slania’s Song”, Eluveitie from the album Slania
“The Green”, Gaia Consort from the album Vitus Dance
“The Well”, Omnia



by Ki'a Dragon

Show Notes:

The “Its Just a Ritual” Rant

Why I haven’t finished the Chaos Magic 101

A Journal to Dragonson about why I have to be away so much.

Musical Notes:

“Napolean”, Ani DiFranco from the album Dilate
“Pay The Piper”, Chalice & Blade from the album Wild Hunt
“Song of Awen”, Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentrice
“Tam Lin”, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants



by Ki'a Dragon

The Ridiculously Long Episode 20.

First off Ki’a goes off on a hard core rant on the hypocrisy of elitist, white, stupid, whiny, selfish, heartless, spiritually corrupt and willfully under-enducated pagan soccer moms and their fellow brainless dickheads who abondon their spiritual Brothers/Sisters/Kin in prison.  You know who you are.

The Second Half of the podcast disusses the many interesting experiences and teachings he picked up from Andrieh Vitimus’s Reality Manipulation Boot Camp.  An overview of the weekend and a detailed account of a pretty hardcore Baphomet ritual we did Saturday night.

The Wild Hunt’s Article on the Pagan Prison Minister, Patrick McCollum that I referenced in the episode.

Chef Ray Rays Personal Chef Service

Peter Coon on MySpace

Preliminary Musical Notes (Live links in a day or two):

The Rain by Eastside Hustlas from Cartel’s album Prepare for Glory
Liberty by Belataine’s Fire from the ablum Liberty
Nine Dragons by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :
Kamimukea by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :
Blessed by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :
Battle Hymn by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :
Chaos Engine by Belataine’s Fire from the album Ambush On All Sides



by Ki'a Dragon

Its good to be home. The Reality Manipulation Boot Camp was definitely what the doctor ordered.

I will be doing a podcast about some of the experiences there soon, but I have had lots of friends already asking how it went…so here is a quick summary:

1. Excellent group training in Breath Work. I thought I was pretty good with it, but Andrieh taught me several variations that are powerful new tools in my Magical Toolbox.

2. LOTS of group Hermetic Elemental work. It was the theme of the weekend in many ways and I am now much more impressed with this Model.

3. Serious Sigil work. Three sigils designed. After divination, two sigils cast. Of the two cast, one came to fruition within six hours. The other is a long term working. Interesting Note: Third Sigil not cast because a series of a divinations from a very capable third party kept giving conflicting results. This sigil (NOT launched) manifested the following morning.

4. I was having a difficult time with the Elemental work. I wasn’t feeling it at first. A few well aimed nudges from Andrieh got me refocused. Afterward, during a fairly simple Elemental Balancing Meditation were I was working on a rather minor and overall inconsequential matter, my back started to seize so bad I wanted to scream. I switched positions and tried to refocus without interfering with those around me who where doing busy doing their own work. As I moved to a sitting position from a lying one, the pain SNAPPED from back spasms to a cramping wave of pain in my heart. I quietly got to my feet and walked down the path away from everyone trying not to stumble until I found a quiet spot with a friendly tree to hold me up while I wept uncontrollably from about ten minutes for no reason I can explain. (Thank you Val. You come off like a firey hard ass, but when Andrieh sent you to check on me…well you know. I thank you. I needed a Feminine Touch to help ground me.)

5. Oh yeah. Baphomet, a honest to goodness Host of Demons and the deepest state of Gnosis I ever achieved. I’ll go into that in depth in the podcast later but I will say this:

Its really nice when you are sitting next to the most skeptical guy in the group as the night time ritual starts. When the demons really do show up stomping through the woods, bending trees, snapping branches and stepping out into the firelight to stare you down, eyes ablaze and salivating for your blood…

…well its just nice to have that skeptical, level-headed and intelligent guy be the first person to ask the question, “Do you see and hear that too?”

Loves to you all.



by Ki'a Dragon

OK…if this is a coincidence, it is a damn specific coincidence.  I ran across this quote from the Facebook Celtic Mythology page.


“And you, Dian Cecht,” said Lug, “what power do you wield?”

“Not hard to say,” he said. “Any man who will be wounded there, unless his head is cut off, or the membrane of his brain or his spinal cord is severed, I will make him perfectly whole in the battle on the next day.”

Cath Maige Tuired: 98-99


Now Dian Cecht was a Celtic God of Healing and his powers are expected to be both awesome and mystical.  But this limit on the God of Healing is very specific to the brain and spinal cord.  When this God healed someone, any amount of damage done to the body was of no consequence if the brain and and spinal cord were still intact.

I find it fascinating that our Collective Unconscious has thrust into our beloved pop culture a frightening and unstoppable Monster that rises from the dead to attack you over and over again unless you cut its head off or otherwise destroy it’s brain.

Grand conspiracy theories have been created from vaguer coincidences.

Conventional Wisdom is a Standing Wave of information.  But the Standing Wave is being blown away in the Tsunami that is the progress of Modern Information Technology.

So many Davids, so many slings…so many Goliaths.



by Ki'a Dragon

A chat about the concept of paying for magical training…good or bad?

A lot of great music.

A bonus interview with Andrieh Vitimus, discussing his upcoming Reality Manipulation Boot Camps and a discussion about Ancestor spirituality and the modern American’s difficulty in connecting with their roots and therefore their Ancestors.

A link to the Hands On Chaos Magic Video Book Trailer Contest.
Andrieh Vitimus’s Official Website
Andrieh’s Reality Manipulation Bootcamp PDF
Andrieh’s Calendar and Upcoming Events

Musical Notes:

Gently Johnny” by Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentice
Obsession” by Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentice
Rag Doll Physics” by Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Wedding March for a Bullet” by Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Welcome to the ‘Danse Macabre’” by The Dolmen from the album Crabchurch Conspiracy
Follow the Drum” by The Dolmen from the album Crabchurch Conspiracy
Bushido” by Faith And The Muse from the album Ankoku Butoh

  Free music for professional licensing

Neuroscientist and fiction writer David Eagleman presents “Six Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization.” Civilizations always think they’re immortal, Eagleman says, but they nearly always perish, leaving “nothing but ruins and scattered genetics.” It takes luck and new technology to survive.

Holy Bovines!  Andrieh Vitimus is having a content for a free pass to his Reality Manipulation Boot Camp this May 28, 29 and 30th AND his recently announced Advanced Reality Manipulation Boot Camp in July!  (Plus an extra bonus if the video wins the contest.)

This is a HUGE prize that combined costs $575 dollars this year.  (This year he has reduced the price so that more people can afford it during this tough economic patch.  Next year the price is likely to go up.)

BTW, I am not getting any kind of financial interest from promoting Andrieh’s Boot Camp.  I just seriously believe he is legitimate and can train you to work powerful changes in your life for the better.  His interview on the podcast was also heavily complimented by the listeners and I ALWAYS pay attention to listener feedback.

So what is this contest?  To quote the Facebook posting:

  • Has Hands On Chaos Magic changed your life?
  • Using the Techniques to get mad results?
  • Want to give back after being in some of the most life changing rituals that Andrieh does?
  • Andrieh Vitimus is on a contest roll and he’s got an amazing contest opportunity for you!
  • Are you great at creating or editing videos?
  • Do you want to go to Andrieh Vitimus’s Boot Camp, and go to the Advanced Boot Camp in Late July?
  • Thats over $575 bucks worth of hardcore magical training, folks!

The bottom line: Andrieh needs a book trailer for ForeWord Magazine. A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book that employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers. They are circulated mostly online in common digital video formats. Book trailers can be acted out, full production trailers, flash videos, animation or simple still photos set to music with text conveying the story.

You can view a non-fiction book trailer example here:

Contest Rules:

  1. Contest runs during the month of April, ending at Midnight EST on April 28, 2010.  At that time, the PR staff commitee will decide which video will be used.
  2. Andrieh Vitimus will be making a video for this as well, and you will be competing against his video editing skills. Mind you, he is a great magician, but not a great videographer.
  3. If your video is selected for use, we will be submitting it for ForeWard Magazine, and you will get the boot camp tickets.
  4. The video will be listed in the contest under ‘Andrieh Vitimus’ and you must put http://andriehvitimus.com in the video. (Preferably prolifically)
  5. The Video must have at least one picture of the cover of ‘Hands On Chaos Magic’.
  6. You must email andriehvitimus@gmail.com with the url to the uploaded YouTube Video
  7. Book trailers may be no longer than three minutes in length.
  8. More than one trailer may be entered for a title, but each video should be unique.
  9. Any trailer containing offensive, profane, inappropriate, or hateful content will be removed.
  10. The maker of the book trailer video is responsible for all materials within; any copyright infringements will result in disqualification.
  11. The submitted video will be shown at Book Expo America in New York City at the Indie Press Lounge hosted by ForeWord Reviews. (Yes if the video wins the Magazine contest I get the Ipad which I can use, but I will personally give you a slightly used Ipod 160GB)
You can contact Andrieh Vitimus by clicking here.



by Ki'a Dragon

Talk a little bit about Jesse Miller, his music and his Mystic Mind Podcast.

The Mystic Mind Podcast
Jesse Miller Music

Conversations about ConVocation 2010 and some vendors:


A Chemgnosis segment on Salvia Divinorum:

Daniel Siebert’s Salvia Divinorum SIte
Erowid Plant/Chemical Site
Psychedelics Encyclopedia
, by Peter Stafford
Pharmacotheom, by Jonathan Ott
Pihkal and Tihkal, by Alexander Shulgin

Part 2 of the 2 part interview with Andrieh Vitimus.

Andrieh Vitimus’s Official Website
Andrieh’s Reality Manipulation Bootcamp PDF
Andrieh’s Calendar and Upcoming Events

Music Notes:

Jesse Miller, Oh Goddess
Hungry Lucy, To Kill A King from The Teatime Sessions
Sean Fournier, Holding the Hand of the Hurriciane from Oh My
Eluveitie, The Arcane Dominion from Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion
PeerGynt Lobogris, Devil’s Temptation



by Ki'a Dragon

Kia Dragon reads a blog entry that talk about ConVocation 2010 and the Choronzon Ritual led by Andrieh Vitimus.

The second half of the episode is the first of a two part interview with Andrieh Vitimus where we discuss Chaos Magic, Voodou, his book Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current and his views on the occult scene today in America.

ConVocation – Website and Convention Pictures

Andrieh Vitimus’s Official Website
Andrieh’s Reality Manipulation Bootcamp PDF
Andrieh’s Calendar and Upcoming Events

Musical Notes:
Zmeya, S.J. Tucker from the album, For the Girl in the Garden
Snake Star Song, S.J. Tucker from the album, For the Girl in the Garden
Blow Ye Winds Blow, Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye***
In The Circle, Hungry Lucy from the album, Glo
Mary, Mary, S.J Tucker from the album, Tangles

*** For information about purchasing Gibbon albums, email Bill.


This is for all the friends who were asking about The Dissolving Edge of Darkness and the Star Ritual that I attended at ConVocation 2010.

The books are correct when they say you will never walk out of a powerful ritual of Ceremonial Magick understanding everything that happened. I had seen something, but it took me a little time, distance and a good nights sleep to fully understand what the frak had happened.

Did I mention this was my FIRST real ritual with others?  I can so some pretty kick ass stuff as a solitaire, but I know that I need to learn to work in concert with others.  Even if it never becomes a major focus of my magick, I know I will understand a side of it I can never learn alone.

So…might as well jump into the deep end of the pool.   I know how to swim.

I assume that when several Ritual participants are either fully catatonic or walking around stunned and half blind after the ritual…some serious shit hit the fan. Andrieh closed the ritual, released the guardians and banished while stumbling and needing support to stand. But his voice never wavered…surprisingly powerful and musical.

Tone deaf, Andrieh Vitimus is not.

I know when someone is snowing me about being ‘exhausted’ by their workings or ‘drained’ by their great mystical powers. He pulled through that ritual closing with more willpower than muscle strength. For anyone who thinks that willpower is of no use to a magician in magickal working…well you had to be there. I know from personal experience that sometimes your Will is the only thing that holds you up when the toll of a truly powerful working hits you like a cinderblock wall. I saw that wall and several of its cinderblock pals hit Andrieh when he came back from that Summoning.

To use a crude but very appropriate vernacular, Summoning Choronzon is not for pussies.

The whole thing took enough out of him that he has promised that he shall never again perform that Ritual. I don’t blame him.

I don’t have permission to detail exactly what happened there, but the public descriptions of what the ritual was all about gives me plenty of room to tell you plenty. If you are curious, read on.

A brief word about Choronzon is needed here. Most occultists have a limited understanding of this ‘demon’. Their only solid reference being Crowley’s telling of his experience evoking the demon in the Sahara Desert with his occult companion, Victor Benjamin Neuburg (poet, writer and occultist). But even this story has the shadow of confusion, for Neuburg has some serious disagreements with Crowley about exactly what happened on that day in 1909.

According to Crowley, during the ceremony, the Demon of Dispersion broke the Triangle of Evocation by throwing the deserts sands over it…instantly compromising it. Then Choronzon attacked Neuburg “in the form of a naked savage” who had to fight him off at the point of a dagger.

Interestingly, the original pages of the account are torn from the relevant journals. Years later Crowley wrote in Liber 418 concerning the incident, “the greatest precautions were taken at the time, and have since been yet further fortified, to keep silence concerning the rite of evocation.”

To quote our friends at Wikipedia: “Choronzon is deemed to be held in check by the power of the Goddess Babalon, inhabitant of Binah, the third Sephirah of the Tree of Life.”

He is the personification of the Abyss…all things and none. Chaos, possibilities, insanity, illusion, obsession, dissolution, brilliance, dispersion, forms without end. This is Choronzon.

Many feel that Crowley might have been standing in the Triangle of Evocation as a channel to Choronzon during the working (WOW stupid). Many also feel that the encounter in the Sahara Desert was the beginning of the spiral downfall of Crowley.

Many Chaos Magicians think that the entire spin on Choronzon as being an evil entity is a bad rap. Understanding the concept of endless possibilities, nothing being true and everything being permitted gives the new guard of Chaos Magicians a different perspective on Choronzon. Many of them view him as a personification of possibilities, change and primal chaos energy. They feel that Crowley’s viewpoints are clouded with a predisposition toward viewing chaos as an evil force rather than as something as elemental as water or fire.

So…to sum up…Choronzon is supposed to be a big, bad, powerful, chaotic, uncontrollable demon.  Why are we evoking him again?

The theme for ConVocation this year was the tarot card The Tower. For those unfamiliar with the tarot, allow me to quote Paranormality.com: “Disruption. Conflict. Change. Sudden violent loss. Overthrow of an existing way of life. Major changes. Disruption of well worn routines. Ruin and disturbance. Dramatic upheaval. Change of residence or job sometimes both at once. Widespread repercussions of actions. In the end, enlightenment and freedom.”

The idea was pretty straightforward. If you hate the overall direction your life has been heading, then lets knock down that fucking tower. Smash it, burn it, blow it up…bring it all down. Tear down every piece of your reality, dissolve it with the power of the Demon of Dispersion and start anew. Melt it away, release Choronzon back to the Abyss and rebuild your everything.

It was stressed several times before we started that if you happened to LIKE how your life has been going, get up and leave. Stay if it presently sucks SO BAD that nuking it all and starting from the beginning is a good move.

I was looking forward to it.

Earlier in the day a very close guide of mine spent a great deal of time stomping about, breathing fire and generally making loud and angry noises about the approaching ceremony. So, before I left for the ritual, I took a few quiet moments alone in my hotel room to trance out and ask him why the fuss. He generally doesn’t say much and I had never seen him in that state before.

As it turns out, he was apparently more than a little worried. So I asked him point blank whether he truly felt I was in serious danger. A snarled response of something like, “you are gonna do what you are gonna do”, was what I got back. So I went.

As to the particulars of what happened…well that is not my information to release. It was Andrieh’s ceremony and you can ask him. But I can tell you what happened to me.

I didn’t feel at first that I was going as deep as I wanted…but we were all laying on the floor and I was having back spasms for the first fifteen minutes. (Note to self: Gatorade before rituals!) Eventually I was able to mentally soothe the cramps and catch up with rest of the group before the actual pathworking and evocation began.

At the peak of the ritual I did achieve what you could call a strong altered state of vision, sounds and tactile response.  I was wandering around through rubble, searching for my Tower. I wanted to bring that frakin place DOWN and I couldn’t find it anywhere. The frustration started to allow the Physic Censor reflex to begin…until I realized that I was having a vision of some sort. Maybe I couldn’t find my Tower, but I was pretty sure that the rubble covered hill I was wandering around on was not in the room when the Ritual started.

The frustration banked back and I decided to just relax and run with the odd vision to see what would happen. I heard a voice somewhere behind and above me say, “Look up. Stop staring at the ground.”

I raised my gaze and really saw around me for the first time. All around me I saw dozens of tall white towers. Everywhere stood these Towers, some in flames and others crashing down. Some only tilted at first, but slowly they toppled and crashed into rubble. Everywhere around me I saw the Abyss claim the old…all while the Demon King of the Abyss spoke gently in my ear in a remarkably gentle but powerful voice.

“Do you not see? Do you not behold the Towers crash into rubble?”

I nodded yes.

“What do you find at your feet?”

I looked down to see all the…rubble.

“Look behind yourself.”

I turned to see something I can only describe as a series of scenes of my life over the last several years mixed with symbols I could never explain with words.

Just typing about that part is enough to cause me to pause and breath deeply, the experience resonates so loudly still.

I saw every part of the disintegration and death of my youthful faith, my first marriage, my career, my father, my income, my savings, my credit, my dreams, most of my friends, my pride, my joy, my focus and finally even my faith in myself. I saw myself down on my knees crawling forward, uphill and bleeding all the way.

I then I saw myself stumbling to my feet as I crested the hill, tumbling forward into a storm of dirt, sand and howling winds. Skin was being stripped from my body, sandblasted away by the storm. Finally the winds died down and watched myself trudging forward but with a firmer step.

“Your Tower has already fallen.  I already know you.”

I came out the ritual off center for a while. I had the unique emotional paradox of a strange sense of directionless frustrated anger and a mellow, deep satisfaction.

Some participants never got up off the floor. A girl near Leslie (who came with me to the Ritual) had to be lifted to her feet and assisted, apparently completely deadweight and unresponsive at first.

I have never felt better. I have been SINGING all weekend. I can now sing the entire Paul Mitchel song, “Far Better Pagan” A cappella without any notes and almost stay on key.

I needed this weekend. I met more than a few people I already can tell are going to be players in my immediate future. I am not sure how, why or even if its a good idea yet…but I know they will be there.

I will be attending Andrieh Vitimus’s Chaos Magick Boot Camp this May. I am seriously looking forward to that. I will be posting some links and more information if you might be interested in attending this event in Twin Lakes Michigan. I took the time to chat with several people who had attending previous Boot Camps and heard nothing but hugely positive feedback about the experience.

More details forthcoming, but now that I finally got that experience down in writing, I feel like it’s time for bed.

Sweet Night to all.

I did the best I could to clean the audio up and do SOOJ proud.

Thank you so much for allowing me to upload some of my amateur video, Mz Tucker!



by Ki'a Dragon

To many people the very idea of Magical Engineering seems nearly oxymoronic. After all, engineering requires the application of scientific principles. And science and magic, as everyone knows, are not compatible.

I challenge that assumption. As a Automation Controls Engineer by trade and Mage by passion, I have found a great deal of common ground between engineering and magic. I have set out here to demonstrate that not only is magic and engineering compatible…they are at their basis inseparable.

Unknowingly, you apply engineering principles every time you work a spell. Don’t believe me? Fair enough. Lets examine a few definitions of Engineering (with a big ‘E’):

“The application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.”

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary
Definition of Engineering

Nice and to the point. Now consider the following:

“The application of occult symbolism and metaphysics by which the properties of matter and sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.”

Ki’a Dragon
Re-Definition of Magical Engineering

See the match? Well, that is just one example. Lets try a more complicated one:

“The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation and safety to life and property.”

The American Engineers’ Council for Professional Development
Definition of Engineering

Well, I can crack this one to. But I am going to add a few parenthesis here and there to help you understand the relationship I am drawing:

“The creative application of occult principles to design or develop structures (spells), machines (wands, amulets, etc), apparatus (homunculi or entities) or manufacturing processes (spellwork), or works utilizing them singly (solitary) or in combination (coven); or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior (divination) under specific operating conditions (divination target question); all as respects an intended function (intended magical outcome), economics of operation (efficient spellwork) and safety to life and property.”

Ki’a Dragon
Longer Re-Definition of Magical Engineering

See where I am going with this? At its base, engineering is the practice of applying known principles of science in a manner that is generally predictable and repeatable. But the manner in which the engineer approaches finding solutions to their problems is a process not really understood by those who have never worked in the profession.

The engineer does not recalculate the physics of gas volume, pressure and compression when she selects a pneumatic cylinder to move a load of X grams. She does not spend time contemplating the equations regarding the deep physics that define our understanding of how gases behave in a pressurized environment. That initial work has already been done by research scientists and the engineer spends their time applying this existing research.

When the engineer is trying to find the correct pneumatic cylinder for moving X grams, she reaches for a reference work from a preferred supplier that lists their product line of pneumatic cylinders. Within this reference are simplified charts and equations that have distilled all the relevant physics equations that pertain to the specifications of their line of cylinders. These charts and equations make the work of selecting the correct cylinder more foolproof and they also save the engineer a huge amount of time in calculations.

Some of the finest electrical engineers I know would be totally lost during their hardware design phase if they did not have their engineering computer spreadsheets available to them. These spreadsheets have many mathematical equations embedded withing them that relate to voltage, current, resistance, phase, magnetic fields and other relevant properties of electrical design. With these spreadsheets, the engineer does not have to spend hours with calculus and Laplace transforms to deduce the exact amount of electrical load each component in the system will require and the most efficient type of transformer to supply the need. By checking their supplier’s component specifications and entering these into the spreadsheets embedded equations, they can determine the correct transformer in minutes or seconds.

Now that sounds too simple. Reading the section above, you might get a mental picture of engineers as a bunch of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ types with crib sheets. That is no more true with engineering that it is with magic.

Just picking up a magical grimoire from your local bookstore and following its steps exactly will no more make you a great mage than picking up engineering spreadsheets and following their calculations will make you a great engineer. You might be able to put together a working spell with the grimoire and solve a few simple problems, but the truly important work in magic can only be achieved through further education and practice. Someone with a minimum of electrical knowledge can use electrical engineering spreadsheets to construct a working circuit, but don’t expect that they will be able to design something like a television or a nuclear power station control console.

To distill this into a simpler parallel:

  • An engineer consults charts, tables and equations supplied by device manufacturers or by their own technical education to design their apparatus.

  • A mage consults charts and tables (astrology, Kabbalah, I Ching, tables of correspondence, numerology, oracles, etc) supplied by knowledgeable occult resources and their own magical education to design their apparatus (spellwork, magical tool, homunculi, divination, etc).

OK, any more cross referencing and I am going to bore myself to death. I think you understand my argument, even if you disagree with it.

Why is this parallel between spellworking and engineering of any significance? I believe that by utilizing many of the best practices of the engineering model in magical workings, we can achieve a greater accuracy of intent, better resolution in our results and better overall leverage of our magical talents.

In other words, being a magical engineering nerd can make you a more kick ass mage.

Even those who follow the shamanic path can increase their effectiveness by analyzing and refining their magical path with engineering best practices.

More to come…
Ki’a Dragon

This Copyright is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0



by Ki'a Dragon

A Special Journal to Dragonson : Cast from the Court of Jehovah

Childhood Trauma, Astral Projection and analysis from the Spirit Paradigm, Energy Paradigm, Psychological Paradigm and Information Paradigm.

Music Notes:

Im No Heroine, Ani DiFranco from the album Imperfectly
The Trail of the Flame, Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye***
The Mushroom Song, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Far Better Pagan, Paul Mitchell from the album Two Sticks are Better Than One
The Man Upstairs, Voltaire from the album The Devils Bris
Omnos, Eluveitie from the album Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion
Tough Titty Cupcakes, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants

*** For information about purchasing Gibbon albums, email Bill.

Again, the Climate Change Deniers try to spin another smoke screen argument. Watch this video and see what is actually happening with global temperatures right now.



by Ki'a Dragon

Readings from Peter J Carroll’s book, “PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick
and a reading the first draft of some new work by Ki’a Dragon on Magical Engineering

and the Jamendo Musical Review 2009.


Musical Notes:
She“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush on all Sides
Can You Hear Me?”, by All Mankind
Ghetto Child“, by K Sparks featuring Tina Quallo from the album Prepare for Glory by Cartel
Ophelia’s Song“, by Musetta
Black Satellite“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush on all Sides
Satellite“, by Major Major from their self titled album
One Day of Brahma“, by Santah
Dying Comets“, PeerGynt Lobogris from the album BlueMoon X DreamScape Time
Chaos Engine“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush on all Sides



by Ki'a Dragon

The FORBIDDEN episode concluded.

Thanks to Dee and listeners.

Long ramble tying forbidden sexuality and social structures to the concept of Tribe.

Ramble on ideas of IQ, potty parenting, Elimination Communication and more music.

Music Notes:
Daughter of the Glade, by Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Brictom, by Eluveitie from the album The Arcane Dominion : Evocation I
Hallelujah Satan, by Paul Mitchell from the album Two Sticks are Better Than One
The Banshee, by Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye ***
It Ain’t Over Yet, by Tom Smith from the album They Say I’ve Got Talent

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by Ki'a Dragon

Ah well.  2009 was not the Year of the Pagan Podcast at the Podcast Awards.




by Ki'a Dragon

The FORBIDDEN episode.

Forbidden sexuality (BDSM, bisexuality), social interactions (social ambush),  relationships (polyamory) and music (bisexuality, sacred feminine, pagan folk metal, polyamory).  This will all tie together with episode 14, but this one ran looong.

Musical Notes:

Ani Difranco: ‘Blood in the Boardroom‘ on album ‘Puddle Dive
Ani Difranco: ‘In or Out‘ on album ‘Imperfectly
Ani Difranco: ‘Superhero‘ on album ‘Dilate
Eluveitie: ‘The Cauldron Of Renascence‘ on album ‘Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion
Eluveitie: ‘Inis Mona‘ on album ‘Slania
Gaia Consort: ‘Perils of Poly‘ on album ‘Vitus Dance

Ani Difranco video of, ‘Blood in the Boardroom’ from album ‘Puddle Dive’:

Scorchingly Sexy live bootleg video of Ani doing ‘Name and Dates and Faces’ on the album ‘Puddle Dive’:

A truly awesome thirty minute acoustic performance from Ani recently.  I shed more than a few tears of shear joy and pain listening to her new stuff and her older stuff from my younger days.  This woman is a ‘personal guru from afar’.

I hope that this version of ‘32 Flavors’ is playing in the background at my memorial service (the last song on this video):

Eluveite video of ‘Inis Mona’ on album ‘Slania’ from their MySpace page:

Inis Mona Lyrics

And here is a cool fan piece with Eluveite’s ‘Cauldron of Reasonance’ on album, ‘Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion’ layered with nature action video:

Ki’a and Dragonson.  A new Facebook picture seemed a good excuse to shoot us together.

This is the sort of crap the monied elite try to push.  Watch their lies develop and expand with clever retellings:



by Ki'a Dragon

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon raves about how cool the SJ Tucker show he just saw was.  He goes on about how pleasantly surprised he was to discover the singer/songwriter Tom Smith, who opened for SOOJ.

In the Second Segment, K.D. finally gets around to talking about Pop Culture and the Astral Plane.  Then he talks about some fresh new magical podcasts that have caught his attention.  Here are the links K.D. promised:

Adventures in Jediism, Chaos & Thelema : Podcast
Witchmix : Podcast
Ekistomancy – the Magic of Cities : Blog

In the closing scattered segments, K.D. plays new Tricky Pixie!!!  He gabs about being being absorbed by the Borg…er…Facebook.  The Forums are working here at PaganChaosMagic.com if you want to give them a try.

Musical Notes:
Rich Fantasy Lives“, Tom Smith from the album They Say I Have Talent
A Dragon’s Lullaby“, Tom Smith from the album They Say I Have Talent
Ballad of the Boy Cat“, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Sympathy for the Devil“, Inkubus Sukkubus from the album Science and Nature



by Ki'a Dragon

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon plays some tunes and babbles while enjoying a sex buzz, discusses some listener email and talks about how much he is enjoying The Wild Hunt pagan blog. He then reads one of the blog entries that has him excited…the release of the unpublished work by Carl Jung, The Red Book.

In the Second Segment, K.D. gives a primer in Chemgnosis Safety.  What to completely avoid and why, some of the best practices and things to not do.  He describes a truly stupid mistake he once made while walking the Chemgnosis path and how he almost died.

In the Third Segment, K.D. asks a question of the audience and asks for their opinions or references.

Lliendes“, by Xera from the album Lliendes
In The Circle“, by Hungry Lucy from the album Glo
God Thinks“, by Voltaire from the album Almost Human
Evil Things“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush of All Sides
Part of Your Mudra“, by Emma Wallace from the album A Reason to Stay Up All Night



by Ki'a Dragon

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon makes some corrections and talks a little about safety in Chemgnosis.  Then he raves about some of the kick ass tunes he has been finding on Jamendo.

In the Second Segment, K.D. further clarifies something he has teased about on two podcasts without actually talking about…why precisely he has not yet thrown a spell for locating employment.  Then K.D. reads out some interesting emails he exchanged with a listener about Astral Travel.  Then some musical ravings about the Diablo Swing Orchestra.

In the Third Segment, K.D. stops being an old lady about Chemgnosis and reminds everyone that pot is not what he was talking about in Chemgnosis warnings.

In the Fourth Segment K.D. talks a little about Pop Culture and Magical Icons and then he reads the piece, “Good, Wholesome Fun”:

Just what your where looking for
Good, wholesome fun

The sort of fun that is safe for kids
Good, clean fun

The kind of thing you won’t offend grandma with
Nice, clean fun

Things you have done before and no one got pregnant
Nice, platonic fun

Sanitized and latex coated for your protection
Bland, platonic fun

No politics, sexuality or starving children please
Bland, conscience free fun

Romance, but no nakedness
Passion, but no penetration
Drama, but no consequence
Combat, but no blood
Warfare, but no civilian causalities

Action, but no reaction

A spectacle of nothingness unbound with pretty lights and car crashes

Knowledge and fact pureed and filtered by corporate sponsorship

Awareness stimulated and focused by flashy graphics and the sounds of explosions

And so we build this place upon the astral plane with our group mind
Upon this holy spot in the human mind and soul called the imagination
Here at this sacred space that justifies humankind’s continued existence within the void

A carnival of unknowing and uncaring fantasy to push away our daily pain
Where instead should stand the citadels of peace, learning and enlightenment

Well fuck it
I am building my castle right here in the center of it all
I am installing my speaker system on the parapets
and I hope to be breaking the local noise ordinances soon

Sure you can keep the carnival
I ain’t giving up my DVR
Sure you can have moments of mindless fun
I love Adult Swim
South Park makes me laugh until I weep sometimes

But for fuck’s sake, can be build something substantial once in a while?

The Glenn Moon Techno Remix

Musical Notes:

Chaos Engine“, TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush On All Sides
Balrog Boogie“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Poetic Pitbull Revolutions“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Fallen Angels“, PeerGynt Lobogris from the album BlueMoon X DreamScape Time
Sirens“, TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush On All Sides
D’angelo“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom



by Ki'a Dragon

A nice visual perspective of the sort of parallels that I have drawing between magic and quantum physics. Well worth your time.



by Ki'a Dragon

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon talks about good sex as motivation to podcasting. The mood for the evening is hard celtic rap and celtic heavy metal. Buckle up with the weirdness. Hillbillies and other Metalhead Celtomania in this episode.

In the Second Segment, KD talks about books from his occult library and how they have affected his progress as a mage.  Here are the links to the Phil Hine audio interviews at YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

In the Third Segment, KD bemoans being out of synch with the Pagan Podcasting Universe by a few months. He talks about some of his favourite podcasts and what tops his ITunes podcasting list.

In the Fourth Segment, KD talks seriously about his take on the weirdness that was the end of Episode 8.  It all distills into a description of recent conversations with Lady Eris and how she utilizes pop culture metaphors to explain why he should quit pouting and keep talking.

In the Fifth Segment, Ki’a Dragon has some brief musings about the intersection between Chaos Magic and Astrology.

Musical Notes:
“Home”, Beltaine’s Fire from the album “Weapon of the Future”
Metal Jig”, Fenrir from the album “Frozen Flowers”
“Up Against the Wall”, Beltaine’s Fire from the album “Weapon of the Future”
“The Wanderer”, Fenrir from the album “Frozen Flowers”
“I Am”, Beltaine’s Fire from the album “Weapon of the Future”

Something a little chaotic and out of the ordinary.  Ki’a Dragon takes a break from meta-physical theory and revelations from spiritual beings to talk about the only thing that really matters in the end: His Family.

Ki’a Dragon has gotten more total questions and inquiries about pagan parenting than all the other questions combined.  People seem interested in his handling of being a pagan father and the what and why of it.

So KD pulled together several old LiveJournal posts he wrote about how his life changed once he became a parent, both spiritually and practically.  So here is the what, why and even some of the how of Ki’a Dragon and Feykin becoming the proud parents of Dragonson.

The First segment is a post about KD gently coming out to his mother about being a pagan in anticipation of his child’s birth.

The Second segment is two posts.  The first was a post KD had written down after stumbling home from the birth of his son about the experience and how the battle plan fell apart the moment the event started.  The second is a post was written less than a day later.

The Third segment is two posts KD wrote about strange dreams that came to fruition and how he felt like he had jumped storylines in his life’s book.

Musical Notes:
“All Lovers Lost”, Faith and the Muse from the album “Elyria”
“Drum”,  SJ Tucker from the album “Tangles”
“Heal”, Faith and the Muse from the album “Elyria”
“Baba Yaga”,  SJ Tucker from the album “Tangles”



by Ki'a Dragon

In the First segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments, new bigger file size, addendum to guns “kill people and break things” (they also are used to hunt) and then K.D. talks to a commenter who asked about how and why my wife and I decided to start a family.

In the Second Segment K.D.  tackles the concept of how a Chaos Mage goes about choosing their magical paradigms, pantheons, tools and rituals. Then he talks about his wife reading to their son from Catherine Valente’s fantasy fiction.  I apologize for mistakenly calling her Catherine Tate several times.  Sorry Catherine, I love your work.

In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks Magical Intent and its direct correlation to Hypnosis case studies.  How Intent is everything, from spells to hypnotic trance.

In the Fourth Segment it all gets very weird.  A Journal to Dragonson that went sideways when Eris decided to interject.  It gets pretty out there.  I am still wondering how I did it.  There goes half the audience…*sigh*.

Musical Notes:
“The Well” - Omnia from the album, “Pagan Folk”
“When You are Evil”  – Voltaire from the album, “The Devil’s Bris”
“The Mice” – SJ Tucker from the album, “Solace and Sorrow”
“The Kingdom of Mice, a War Song” – SJ Tucker from the album, “Solace and Sorrow”
“Goodnight Demonslayer”  - Voltaire from the album, “Then and Again”

The following video touches upon just about EVERYTHING I want to discuss in this podcast when it comes to quantum physics.  This is the scientific core of the Chaos Magic principle of the Quantum Worlds theory, also know by some as the Parallel Universes theory.

And what I love about it is that:

A. This is a BBC interview…not a basement whack job with too much LSD and a camcorder.
B.  They are interviewing Dr. Michio Kaku…a Professor of Theoretical Physics.
C.  Theology, god(s), religion and implications of this new physics upon them is discussed.



by Ki'a Dragon

In the first segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments and state of mind.

In the Second Segment he attempts to use physics to demonstrate the principle that we are all the Children of the Stars.

In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks about Quantum Physics concept of Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action at a Distance and how it could explain the action of magical working.

Musical Notes:
Coming soooooon,   Realy!  ‘Cause I am begging for help to get it done.  Puuullleeeaaasseee.



by Ki'a Dragon

The first segment is a discussion of Zoroastrianism, monotheistic history and the gods and goddess as political beings.

In the second segment Ki’a Dragon goes on a long riff about Guns and Mages…or why every witch should own a shotgun.

In the final segment an other installment of Journal to Dragonson, where Ki’a Dragon reads a page out of his Livejournal.

I have no exuses for even later complete show notes.   Hope to update them all in the forseeable future. *ack*

And now you know one of the many reasons that I love my wife and son so much.  My woman is beautiful and intelligent and my son a smart, charming little rascal with a smile that is likely to break a few hearts along the way.  I am very blessed.  And it was worth all the pain and mistakes along the way to get here.