Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 7

In the first segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments and state of mind.

In the Second Segment he attempts to use physics to demonstrate the principle that we are all the Children of the Stars.

In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks about Quantum Physics concept of Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action at a Distance and how it could explain the action of magical working.

Musical Notes:
Coming soooooon,   Realy!  ‘Cause I am begging for help to get it done.  Puuullleeeaaasseee.


  1. I really like the new look of everything,
    hearing myself mentioned on the podcast is quite the ego stroke.

  2. Well, you had a good point, so I am happy to mention you. I have a few other folks to mention in the next show as well.

    I am glad you like the new look. I am still tweaking it.

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