Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 14

The FORBIDDEN episode concluded.

Thanks to Dee and listeners.

Long ramble tying forbidden sexuality and social structures to the concept of Tribe.

Ramble on ideas of IQ, potty parenting, Elimination Communication and more music.

Music Notes:
Daughter of the Glade, by Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Brictom, by Eluveitie from the album The Arcane Dominion : Evocation I
Hallelujah Satan, by Paul Mitchell from the album Two Sticks are Better Than One
The Banshee, by Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye ***
It Ain’t Over Yet, by Tom Smith from the album They Say I’ve Got Talent

*** For information about purchasing Gibbon albums, email Bill.

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