Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 3

The first segment deals with my chaotic life and a shout out to those who have given me strokes and brightened my day.  I love the emails, folks.

In the second segment,  I make some comments on pagan parenting and discipline.  I am giving an Amen to the most recent Pagan Parents on the Edge episode.

In the final segment,  I talk about coming to terms with some revelations about Eris that have been made quite clear to me recently.

Musical Links
“Chorus of the Furies”, Faith and the Muse – Evidence of Heaven
“Dream No. 7”,  Tree of Shadows – Pause
“Alligator in the House”,  S.J. Tucker – Sirens

More complete show notes in a day or so.


  1. Hi there. Just finished listening to your last podcast, and look forward to hearing the next.
    I`m more of a scollar of the occult, then an accual Pagan.
    I live in Norway, and me and my girlfriend practice a little magic from time to time.
    Hoping to hear more about how you practice magic, Because as I was listening I slowly realized, hey this is the same stuff I`ve been doing. I to borrow from different paths, and have been down several wicca paths. But I kinda felt I had to choose my own path.
    Annyhow I have some critique and I`ll try to be as nice as possible. That PING! souund that poops up, sometimes before an interwiew or when people are plugging themselves. That`s really annoying, I got so starteled by it that I spild my coffee in my lap (not a morning person) So could you please replase it with like a trumpet fanfare or somthing.
    I`d like to hear some more about the way you work magic practically.
    Love the music in the pod, If you`re inn to that kinda stuff you should try blind guardian, I think you`d like it.
    Annyhow, me and my girlfriend started talking about kids,
    And I just want to know when you think peole are readdy for somthing like that. I meen it`s a big responsibillity.
    And if it`s not to personal, was it a concious desition when you had you son. And how do you go about planning somthing like that?
    Anyway, love the show, Think you`re a great host, and I`m gonna stop now before this turns in to a wall of text.
    Annyhow, if you feel like exchangeing some information you can reach me at

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