Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 16

A Special Journal to Dragonson : Cast from the Court of Jehovah

Childhood Trauma, Astral Projection and analysis from the Spirit Paradigm, Energy Paradigm, Psychological Paradigm and Information Paradigm.

Music Notes:

Im No Heroine, Ani DiFranco from the album Imperfectly
The Trail of the Flame, Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye***
The Mushroom Song, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Far Better Pagan, Paul Mitchell from the album Two Sticks are Better Than One
The Man Upstairs, Voltaire from the album The Devils Bris
Omnos, Eluveitie from the album Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion
Tough Titty Cupcakes, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants

*** For information about purchasing Gibbon albums, email Bill.

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