Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 10

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon makes some corrections and talks a little about safety in Chemgnosis.  Then he raves about some of the kick ass tunes he has been finding on Jamendo.

In the Second Segment, K.D. further clarifies something he has teased about on two podcasts without actually talking about…why precisely he has not yet thrown a spell for locating employment.  Then K.D. reads out some interesting emails he exchanged with a listener about Astral Travel.  Then some musical ravings about the Diablo Swing Orchestra.

In the Third Segment, K.D. stops being an old lady about Chemgnosis and reminds everyone that pot is not what he was talking about in Chemgnosis warnings.

In the Fourth Segment K.D. talks a little about Pop Culture and Magical Icons and then he reads the piece, “Good, Wholesome Fun”:

Just what your where looking for
Good, wholesome fun

The sort of fun that is safe for kids
Good, clean fun

The kind of thing you won’t offend grandma with
Nice, clean fun

Things you have done before and no one got pregnant
Nice, platonic fun

Sanitized and latex coated for your protection
Bland, platonic fun

No politics, sexuality or starving children please
Bland, conscience free fun

Romance, but no nakedness
Passion, but no penetration
Drama, but no consequence
Combat, but no blood
Warfare, but no civilian causalities

Action, but no reaction

A spectacle of nothingness unbound with pretty lights and car crashes

Knowledge and fact pureed and filtered by corporate sponsorship

Awareness stimulated and focused by flashy graphics and the sounds of explosions

And so we build this place upon the astral plane with our group mind
Upon this holy spot in the human mind and soul called the imagination
Here at this sacred space that justifies humankind’s continued existence within the void

A carnival of unknowing and uncaring fantasy to push away our daily pain
Where instead should stand the citadels of peace, learning and enlightenment

Well fuck it
I am building my castle right here in the center of it all
I am installing my speaker system on the parapets
and I hope to be breaking the local noise ordinances soon

Sure you can keep the carnival
I ain’t giving up my DVR
Sure you can have moments of mindless fun
I love Adult Swim
South Park makes me laugh until I weep sometimes

But for fuck’s sake, can be build something substantial once in a while?

The Glenn Moon Techno Remix

Musical Notes:

Chaos Engine“, TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush On All Sides
Balrog Boogie“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Poetic Pitbull Revolutions“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom
Fallen Angels“, PeerGynt Lobogris from the album BlueMoon X DreamScape Time
Sirens“, TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush On All Sides
D’angelo“, Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom

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