Zombies and Celtic Mythology

OK…if this is a coincidence, it is a damn specific coincidence.  I ran across this quote from the Facebook Celtic Mythology page.

“And you, Dian Cecht,” said Lug, “what power do you wield?”

“Not hard to say,” he said. “Any man who will be wounded there, unless his head is cut off, or the membrane of his brain or his spinal cord is severed, I will make him perfectly whole in the battle on the next day.”

Cath Maige Tuired: 98-99

Now Dian Cecht was a Celtic God of Healing and his powers are expected to be both awesome and mystical.  But this limit on the God of Healing is very specific to the brain and spinal cord.  When this God healed someone, any amount of damage done to the body was of no consequence if the brain and and spinal cord were still intact.

I find it fascinating that our Collective Unconscious has thrust into our beloved pop culture a frightening and unstoppable Monster that rises from the dead to attack you over and over again unless you cut its head off or otherwise destroy it’s brain.

Grand conspiracy theories have been created from vaguer coincidences.


  1. Don’t forget about the entire ZOMBIE ARMY from the Mabinogion. Fun stuff. (Also includes a Battle of the Trees. Tolkien-esque!)

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