Some Prep Reading For Episode 28

Hi everyone. I am nearly finished with all the prep work for Episode 28 and will start recording soon. But as I get ready to start the recording process, I realize that much of what I am talking about is dealing with some very rich neo-gnostic themes.

Neo-Gnostic is a term I use loosely to represent our modern re-interpretation of what many people believe was actually the message of all modern humans who have ever been what is commonly referred to as ‘Ascended Masters’, from Buddha to Jesus and many others.

Terms like ‘prison planet’, demiurge, false light beings and many other new terms are discussed.

Explaining the Gnostic and Neo-Gnostic concepts of reality is a marathon of podcast episodes in and of themselves. That is coming, but it cannot get in the way of the story I want to tell in Episode 28 of Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast.

So, while I HATE riding the coat-tails of other people’s work, Cameron Day does an EXCELLENT job of discussing the entire worldview that is coming to predominance in my mind the more I do the Work.

I do not agree with everything he says or believes anymore more than I ever have in regards to anyone. But the depth, flavor and background to Episode 28 is all here.

Note: These two blog posts have unleashed a bit of a firestorm of controversy. Mr Day has underminded doctrine and dogma of the New Age ‘Light Workers’ and ‘Light Warriors’. This has an effect on people who are invested in the system, from mystics to witches to ceremonial magicians to charlatans. This could hit them in their wallet.

Controversy. Love it.

Click the links below for Part 1 and Part 2 of Cameron Day’s blog entries.

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Tell The Lords of Karma That You Are Sovereign


  1. Interesting reads. It reads a little like one of those scam ads, but that might just be me. I get the core of what he is saying though. One of these days I need to write out my belief system. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. I think he has encapsulated the general idea of the demiurge system while he decried it and offered his method of liberating yourself from it.

    I have listened to some podcast interviews with him. Cameron is not trying to be anyone’s Guru and is careful to couch his magickal explanations in terms such as, “in my experience”. He has indulges in some 9/11 Truther thought and is a strong anti-vaxxer, which I don’t pace with him on. But that is not meta-physics and his ideas on meta-physics are what I care about.

    He seems quite friendly and I agree with him a great deal of the time. Also, he has been actively involved in Brainwave Entertainment for some time…so bonus.

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