Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 1

This first episode is half auto-biography and half introduction to Chaos Magic. In the first half I introduce myself and talk about why and what this podcast is all about.

In the second half I talk about the basic principles of Chaos Magic and why someone would want to practice this form of magic.

Musical Links
Tree of Shadows, “Mystery” and “Captain’s Daughter” : “Pause”
Omnia, “The Raven” : “Pagan Folk at the Fairy Ball”

Pagan Podcast Links
Pagan Parent On The Edge: Feeds and Show Notes
Pagan Parent On The Edge: MySpace Page
The Wigglian Way: Feeds and Show Notes
Druidcast: Feeds and Show Notes

Polyamory Info

Book Recommendations
Peter J Carroll: Liber Null & Psychonaut
Peter J Carroll: Liber Kaos
Patrick Dunn: Post-Modern Magic
Taylor Ellwood: Space-Time Magic

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