Prelude to a Boot Camp Report

Its good to be home. The Reality Manipulation Boot Camp was definitely what the doctor ordered.

I will be doing a podcast about some of the experiences there soon, but I have had lots of friends already asking how it went…so here is a quick summary:

1. Excellent group training in Breath Work. I thought I was pretty good with it, but Andrieh taught me several variations that are powerful new tools in my Magical Toolbox.

2. LOTS of group Hermetic Elemental work. It was the theme of the weekend in many ways and I am now much more impressed with this Model.

3. Serious Sigil work. Three sigils designed. After divination, two sigils cast. Of the two cast, one came to fruition within six hours. The other is a long term working. Interesting Note: Third Sigil not cast because a series of a divinations from a very capable third party kept giving conflicting results. This sigil (NOT launched) manifested the following morning.

4. I was having a difficult time with the Elemental work. I wasn’t feeling it at first. A few well aimed nudges from Andrieh got me refocused. Afterward, during a fairly simple Elemental Balancing Meditation were I was working on a rather minor and overall inconsequential matter, my back started to seize so bad I wanted to scream. I switched positions and tried to refocus without interfering with those around me who where doing busy doing their own work. As I moved to a sitting position from a lying one, the pain SNAPPED from back spasms to a cramping wave of pain in my heart. I quietly got to my feet and walked down the path away from everyone trying not to stumble until I found a quiet spot with a friendly tree to hold me up while I wept uncontrollably from about ten minutes for no reason I can explain. (Thank you Val. You come off like a firey hard ass, but when Andrieh sent you to check on me…well you know. I thank you. I needed a Feminine Touch to help ground me.)

5. Oh yeah. Baphomet, a honest to goodness Host of Demons and the deepest state of Gnosis I ever achieved. I’ll go into that in depth in the podcast later but I will say this:

Its really nice when you are sitting next to the most skeptical guy in the group as the night time ritual starts. When the demons really do show up stomping through the woods, bending trees, snapping branches and stepping out into the firelight to stare you down, eyes ablaze and salivating for your blood…

…well its just nice to have that skeptical, level-headed and intelligent guy be the first person to ask the question, “Do you see and hear that too?”

Loves to you all.

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