Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 4

The first segment is a general riff on unemployment and frustration with the direction of everything.  Just a mage bitching…not a lot of magical discussion.  This segment is more of an appeal to those who have to help those who have little or none.

In the second segment,  I talk about prosperity magic, unemployment, ethics and a little more frustration.

In the final segment,  I talk about how with changes in the financial system and the climate system communes, collectives and co-ops might be the only way through to a brighter future and a little bit about the recent discussions going on about pagan community.

I apologize ahead of time for the randomness and tangenting that goes on in this episode.  I am in the process of pulling my head together.

Musical Links
“I Am” and “Month of Storms” – Beltaine’s FireWeapon of the Future
“Cry Freedom”,  Gaia Consort – Secret Voices
“Rabbit’s Song”,  S.J. Tucker – Blessings

More complete show notes coming.


  1. I have to respectfully disagree with your view on prosperity magic,
    would you feel guilty for any other skill you have giving you an edge
    in the job market, like networking, or engineering, or writing ability?
    of course not, the people you are up against will not pull any punches with regards to their abilities, pagans should be in tune with the earth and the earth is uncompromising and guiltless, wolves don’t morn the weakness of the prey that feeds them the killer whale doesn’t swim slower out of pity for the seal. these are just my thoughts and in now way an attack on your point of view.

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