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Video Musical Romp on the Subject of Polyamory

I have been working with my Camtasia Studio and getting used its capabilities.  Christopher Bingham from Bone Poets Orchestra was kind enough to let me put together this clip, marrying the lyrics to the music with subtitles. This song was played on a previous podcast that included material about the Poly lifestyle.  I am so

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Memes ate their BRAINS!

Take the time to watch this. It is one of the best short and concise introduction to the science of Memetics I have ever heard.

Anything is possible. The Rules are no longer Rules.

Conventional Wisdom is a Standing Wave of information.  But the Standing Wave is being blown away in the Tsunami that is the progress of Modern Information Technology. So many Davids, so many slings…so many Goliaths.

Six Steps to Avoiding the Collapse of Civilization

Neuroscientist and fiction writer David Eagleman presents “Six Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization.” Civilizations always think they’re immortal, Eagleman says, but they nearly always perish, leaving “nothing but ruins and scattered genetics.” It takes luck and new technology to survive.

Book Video Trailer Contest for Reality Manipulation Boot Camp!

Holy Bovines!  Andrieh Vitimus is having a content for a free pass to his Reality Manipulation Boot Camp this May 28, 29 and 30th AND his recently announced Advanced Reality Manipulation Boot Camp in July!  (Plus an extra bonus if the video wins the contest.) This is a HUGE prize that combined costs $575 dollars

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Forget IQ. It all about Collective Intelligence now.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 18

Talk a little bit about Jesse Miller, his music and his Mystic Mind Podcast. The Mystic Mind Podcast Jesse Miller Music Conversations about ConVocation 2010 and some vendors: A Chemgnosis segment on Salvia Divinorum: Daniel Siebert’s Salvia Divinorum SIte Erowid Plant/Chemical Site Psychedelics Encyclopedia, by Peter Stafford Pharmacotheom, by Jonathan Ott Pihkal

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S.J. Tucker in Acoustic Performance in Winter 2009

I did the best I could to clean the audio up and do SOOJ proud. Thank you so much for allowing me to upload some of my amateur video, Mz Tucker!

Climate Denier Crock: Winter too cold for Climate Change

Again, the Climate Change Deniers try to spin another smoke screen argument. Watch this video and see what is actually happening with global temperatures right now.

Birth of another Climate Change Denier Crock

This is the sort of crap the monied elite try to push.  Watch their lies develop and expand with clever retellings:

Quantum Physics and Buddism

A nice visual perspective of the sort of parallels that I have drawing between magic and quantum physics. Well worth your time.

The Universe is Dead. Long Live the Multiverse.

The following video touches upon just about EVERYTHING I want to discuss in this podcast when it comes to quantum physics.  This is the scientific core of the Chaos Magic principle of the Quantum Worlds theory, also know by some as the Parallel Universes theory. And what I love about it is that: A. This

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