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Creating Artificial Spirits, Servitors, and Thought Forms – A Webinar from Andrieh Vitimus

My friend and mentor, Andrieh Vitimus, has been expanding his teaching by doing a series of Webinars dealing with occult and magickal lessons.  He has made the first Webinar in this series available for free on Youtube:

Modern Alchemy – Modern Humans creating artificial life in the the Laboratory

Anyone interested in Alchemy or even Entity Creation Magick should watch this scientist’s experiments.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 21B

Show Notes: Episode 21b Pathworking 1 THIS PATHWORKING REQUIRES THE USE OF STEREO HEADPHONES Magickal Pathworking utilizing Brainwave Entrainment Techniques. This Pathworking introduces the student the entering Trance, following a guide to the Doorway to the All Forest. Here the student with find and learn the first things about their personal partner Tree in the

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