Facebook Silliness and Finding Ki’a Redux 2.0

**** UPDATE TO UPDATE TO UPDATE:  36 hours later they accepted my garbled Peter Kia Dagon as a handle, despite me not uploading proper ID.  (I uploaded a PDF of the letter I sent last time this went down on 10/20).

Who knows?  It could go down again anytime.  I am going to podcast more and comment less.

**** UPDATE TO UPDATE: On 4/28/2015 Facebook locked me out of my account again. I will not be allowed access at ALL unless I upload an ID and give them my mundane name ****

Attention Facebook:  FUCK YOU!!!

I am not ashamed to let the world know precisely who I am.  But I have family to protect and I have people who would kill me or my family for my beliefs (that many of them do not share with me).

So FUCK that noise.  I should be podcasting instead of chatting on Facebook.

**** UPDATE: At 4:20pm on 10/20/2014 Facebook changed my name back.  Email me at kiadragon@gmail.com if you would like to know how I went about getting this accomplished. ****

Hey everybody.  I know most of the podcast listeners are not connected with me via Facebook, but for those of you who are I have a few update notes:

Facebook has recently gotten pushy about forcing people to use their real names on their accounts.  They do not want anyone using a pseudonym for an account.  This was something the social network Google+ tried to force over a year ago to HUGE backlash.  People with perfectly valid and reasonable reasons for keeping their identity shrouded had themselves forceably exposed.  Google+ backpedaled within weeks when the damage they were doing was understood.

Instead of learning from Google+…Mark Zuckerburg acted like the adolescent he still is.  If he can remove pseudonym accounts from the Feed, Facebook can get more aggressive with advertising fees because they can ‘prove’ that an advertiser is not paying to deliver the same advertisement to one person with three Facebook accounts.

So…rather remember the word ‘social’ in social networking, Zuckerburg saw only dollar signs.  Which is just fine if you remember to not treat the hybrid customer/product like they are in High School.

“No gum chewing!  Spell your name correctly on the test page, last name first!  If you put your first name first I will penalize you 10 points on the test.  And I don’t like that revealing clothing you are wearing Missy!”

The news media has covered this controversy from the perspective of Drag Performers who have huge fan followings on Facebook.  There are a million and one good reasons why someone who does Drag might prefer to keep their identity away from day job bosses or transgender stalkers.

As much as I enjoy Drag Performers and support their right to Facebook pseudonyms, podcasters are another example of a group of performers who have valid reasons for pen or stage names.

Facebook forced me to change my name from Kia Dragon to something else.  I walked away, re-activated my Google+ profile and haven’t done much looking back.

Following the pubic backlash Facebook has decided ‘performers’ may keep their pseudonyms.  We shall see.

I have changed my Facebook profile profession to ‘Performer’ and listed my occupation as this podcast.  I can’t change the garbled version of my name back to Kia Dragon because I was forced into a name change less than sixty days ago and I have to wait.  (Facebook rules.)

So I am waiting.  If Facebook allows me on as Kia Dragon, I am more than pleased to put up with the rest of their silly games to stay in touch with the podcast audience.  If not…screw em.

But you can always find me over at Google+ as Kia Dragon.  I even drop in on Twitter on occasion @KiaDragon.  And you can always email me at kiadragon@gmail.com

Loves to ya’ll!



  1. What the fuckity fuck?!?!?! Protecting your family is way more important than FB, but never seeing you cross my newsfeed again just sucks. Guess it’s time to stalk my g+ stream for podcast updates.

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