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Do Not Let Others Control Your Peace

Something I wrote recently and make an effort to review every day. You can be even-tempered and calm even with the most unreasonable and offensive people without being a pushover. Maintaining your poise and not submitting weakly is the only way to win. And it can be done.

Force Testing Divinations

I have been forcing myself to do more Divination lately.  I have neglected the skill too much.  So to inspire or debunk it’s value, I have been force testing my Divinations. The trouble with Divination is how mushy the results can be.  It gives the skeptics all kinds of legitimate reasons to poke holes in

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Facebook Silliness and Finding Ki’a Redux 2.0

**** UPDATE TO UPDATE TO UPDATE:  36 hours later they accepted my garbled Peter Kia Dagon as a handle, despite me not uploading proper ID.  (I uploaded a PDF of the letter I sent last time this went down on 10/20). Who knows?  It could go down again anytime.  I am going to podcast more

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Realities Accepted

Hello to All Friends and Listeners, I made a choice a long time ago to not have morph into any kind of commercial enterprise.  That is not the purpose of this show and never will be.  I genuinely enjoy doing this podcast and I intend to keep it free and available to the public

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Racism, Paganism and the Oversimplification of Ancestors

  I have to start this blog post with several disclaimers.  Never before have I felt the need to preface something I have written with so many caveats.  But this subject is so laden with landmines of emotion and pitfalls of shameful history that I feel I must give a preface.   The written word

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Video Musical Romp on the Subject of Polyamory

I have been working with my Camtasia Studio and getting used its capabilities.  Christopher Bingham from Bone Poets Orchestra was kind enough to let me put together this clip, marrying the lyrics to the music with subtitles. This song was played on a previous podcast that included material about the Poly lifestyle.  I am so

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Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast: Episode 28

Show Notes: How Ki’a encountered a demon and what happened afterward. Music Notes: “Witches Woe”, by The Dolmen from the album Ah Ry Ah “The Uprising”, by Eluveitie from the album Helvetios “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, by Heather Dale from the album the Green Knight “Wonders”, by SJ Tucker from the album Wonders

Creating Artificial Spirits, Servitors, and Thought Forms – A Webinar from Andrieh Vitimus

My friend and mentor, Andrieh Vitimus, has been expanding his teaching by doing a series of Webinars dealing with occult and magickal lessons.  He has made the first Webinar in this series available for free on Youtube:

Some Prep Reading For Episode 28

Hi everyone. I am nearly finished with all the prep work for Episode 28 and will start recording soon. But as I get ready to start the recording process, I realize that much of what I am talking about is dealing with some very rich neo-gnostic themes. Neo-Gnostic is a term I use loosely to represent

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A long ways to go…

As you can see, we have only just started re-tooling the platform. There is plenty of pretty work to do (adding graphics, etc), but right now I am putting down the foundations for a new experience. Onward and upward. I will keep you posted.

Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast : Episode 27

Discussion Notes: – Where I have been – Death as a Tim Burton character – OBE unto Death – Medical miracle – The ‘Great Wicca Magick Controversy’ – Moving from Solitaire work to Group work – Ki’a and the Archangel – Getting better at everything – Music Notes: – SJ Tucker, “Poem of War”

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A Drunken XMas Special with Andrieh Vitimus at Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole Episode 116

Andrieh sent me a text on Christmas Eve. We had been drinking. We kept drinking throughout. The following is the result: Click Here

A Whole New Paradigm is coming

This website is like a great and reliable soldier.  I never wanted to retire this old warhorse because it has served me well for so many years. But technology marches on and I have a lot of renovating to do.  Due to the following fortuitous circumstances and saving my day job’s per diem checks,

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Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast : Episode 26

Segment Notes: War on Scientific Arrogance – The Truth Wears Off Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Quantum Entanglement Across Time Sport Cursing and its related Stupidities The Eight Colors of Magic Music Notes: “Morrigan” by Omnia from the album Live on Earth “The Atom” by Ani Difranco from the album Red Letter Year “Witchka” by SJ

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Thor, Odin and Loki actually

I believe in Thor. I do not credit every lightning storm I see to him. I am not hiding or denying the science that tells me how that storm was producing lightning and thunder. But I am not hiding or denying the fact that humankind does NOT KNOW EVERYTHING about why things happen or even

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The Wild Hunt – Become involved in The Premiere Pagan News Site

When I go to research news and current events in the Pagan community at large, I start at the Wild Hunt. I could talk all day about how awesome this endevour is or how cool Jason is to consistently achieve a high level of professional journalism I can’t find elsewhere. But better just to show

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Like hearing me yack on about Magic? Then you might like joining the Podcast Facebook page!

Drop by this podcasts Facebook page and give it a Like if you want to here more yakking. But I do warn you, that I am just another opinionated twatwaffle on Facebook. On many occasions I have acidic, sarcastic and even (when the occasion calls for it) out-right rude comments that I make. I plead

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Modern Alchemy – Modern Humans creating artificial life in the the Laboratory

Anyone interested in Alchemy or even Entity Creation Magick should watch this scientist’s experiments.

Memes ate their BRAINS!

Take the time to watch this. It is one of the best short and concise introduction to the science of Memetics I have ever heard.

Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast : Episode 25

Show Notes: Back in Michigan! Twisty, turny path and back to where I need to be and how my Ancestor work played very positively. Also some chat about the Mabinogian and music. Then we close the show with an interview with Mojo and Sparrow of the Wigglian Way! Music Notes: “Castle of Arianrhod” from the

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 24

Episode 24 Notes Four month time warp, Pantheocon, Pagan Gender Drama, Party Rituals, Accidental Love Magic and Assorted Weirdness Music Notes ——————————- Omnia – Etrezoan Ne Kelted, Pagan Folk at the Fairy Ball Fenrir – The White Deer, Frozen Flowers SJ Tucker – Tori Day, Tangles Bone Poets Orchestra – Drawing Down the Moon, Vitus

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 23

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 23 Where has Ki’a been? Ki’a talk about his move and changes. Discussion of relationship with Eris and Gaia. The ‘Books I Have Been Reading’ Segment Practical applications of Chaos Magic in Systems Theory Music ———— Damh the Bard, “The Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood” Avalon Rising, “Jack Daw”

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I’m Not Dead Yet

Still hacking like a plague victim, but escaping the worst of the plague after three weeks. One more Long, Dark Night of the Soul behind me. I have too much to say to go away. And I have promises to keep. Ki’a Dragon has not left the building.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 22

Show Notes: Surprise! I am in California. Some notes and thoughts on the pathworking for Episode 21B. Surprise! My car got yoinked. An impromptu Journal to Dragonson about Revenge, Justice, Curses, Hexes, Ancestors and the rollercoaster of working with the Mistress of Chaos. Music Notes: “Willing to Fight”, Ani DiFranco – Puddle Dive “Moot”, Paul

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 21B

Show Notes: Episode 21b Pathworking 1 THIS PATHWORKING REQUIRES THE USE OF STEREO HEADPHONES Magickal Pathworking utilizing Brainwave Entrainment Techniques. This Pathworking introduces the student the entering Trance, following a guide to the Doorway to the All Forest. Here the student with find and learn the first things about their personal partner Tree in the

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 21A

Show Notes: Episode 21a Introduction and instructions on using the Pathworking in Episode 21b A review of Brainwave Entrainment, Sound in Magick, Pathworking, Trance Music Notes: “Overture – Sorrow’s Song”, SJ Tucker from the album Solace and Sorrow “Slania’s Song”, Eluveitie from the album Slania “The Green”, Gaia Consort from the album Vitus Dance “The

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 20.5

Show Notes: The “Its Just a Ritual” Rant Why I haven’t finished the Chaos Magic 101 A Journal to Dragonson about why I have to be away so much. Musical Notes: “Napolean”, Ani DiFranco from the album Dilate “Pay The Piper”, Chalice & Blade from the album Wild Hunt “Song of Awen”, Damh the Bard

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 20

The Ridiculously Long Episode 20. First off Ki’a goes off on a hard core rant on the hypocrisy of elitist, white, stupid, whiny, selfish, heartless, spiritually corrupt and willfully under-enducated pagan soccer moms and their fellow brainless dickheads who abondon their spiritual Brothers/Sisters/Kin in prison.  You know who you are. The Second Half of the podcast

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Prelude to a Boot Camp Report

Its good to be home. The Reality Manipulation Boot Camp was definitely what the doctor ordered. I will be doing a podcast about some of the experiences there soon, but I have had lots of friends already asking how it went…so here is a quick summary: 1. Excellent group training in Breath Work. I thought

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Zombies and Celtic Mythology

OK…if this is a coincidence, it is a damn specific coincidence.  I ran across this quote from the Facebook Celtic Mythology page. – “And you, Dian Cecht,” said Lug, “what power do you wield?” “Not hard to say,” he said. “Any man who will be wounded there, unless his head is cut off, or the

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Anything is possible. The Rules are no longer Rules.

Conventional Wisdom is a Standing Wave of information.  But the Standing Wave is being blown away in the Tsunami that is the progress of Modern Information Technology. So many Davids, so many slings…so many Goliaths.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 19

A chat about the concept of paying for magical training…good or bad? A lot of great music. A bonus interview with Andrieh Vitimus, discussing his upcoming Reality Manipulation Boot Camps and a discussion about Ancestor spirituality and the modern American’s difficulty in connecting with their roots and therefore their Ancestors. A link to the Hands

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Six Steps to Avoiding the Collapse of Civilization

Neuroscientist and fiction writer David Eagleman presents “Six Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization.” Civilizations always think they’re immortal, Eagleman says, but they nearly always perish, leaving “nothing but ruins and scattered genetics.” It takes luck and new technology to survive.

Book Video Trailer Contest for Reality Manipulation Boot Camp!

Holy Bovines!  Andrieh Vitimus is having a content for a free pass to his Reality Manipulation Boot Camp this May 28, 29 and 30th AND his recently announced Advanced Reality Manipulation Boot Camp in July!  (Plus an extra bonus if the video wins the contest.) This is a HUGE prize that combined costs $575 dollars

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Forget IQ. It all about Collective Intelligence now.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 18

Talk a little bit about Jesse Miller, his music and his Mystic Mind Podcast. The Mystic Mind Podcast Jesse Miller Music Conversations about ConVocation 2010 and some vendors: A Chemgnosis segment on Salvia Divinorum: Daniel Siebert’s Salvia Divinorum SIte Erowid Plant/Chemical Site Psychedelics Encyclopedia, by Peter Stafford Pharmacotheom, by Jonathan Ott Pihkal

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 17

Kia Dragon reads a blog entry that talk about ConVocation 2010 and the Choronzon Ritual led by Andrieh Vitimus. The second half of the episode is the first of a two part interview with Andrieh Vitimus where we discuss Chaos Magic, Voodou, his book Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current and his

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Andrieh Vitimus, ConVocation 2010 and the Choronzon Ritual

This is for all the friends who were asking about The Dissolving Edge of Darkness and the Star Ritual that I attended at ConVocation 2010. The books are correct when they say you will never walk out of a powerful ritual of Ceremonial Magick understanding everything that happened. I had seen something, but it took

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S.J. Tucker in Acoustic Performance in Winter 2009

I did the best I could to clean the audio up and do SOOJ proud. Thank you so much for allowing me to upload some of my amateur video, Mz Tucker!

Magical Engineering

To many people the very idea of Magical Engineering seems nearly oxymoronic. After all, engineering requires the application of scientific principles. And science and magic, as everyone knows, are not compatible. I challenge that assumption. As a Automation Controls Engineer by trade and Mage by passion, I have found a great deal of common ground

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 16

A Special Journal to Dragonson : Cast from the Court of Jehovah Childhood Trauma, Astral Projection and analysis from the Spirit Paradigm, Energy Paradigm, Psychological Paradigm and Information Paradigm. Music Notes: Im No Heroine, Ani DiFranco from the album Imperfectly The Trail of the Flame, Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Tillerman’s Rye*** The Mushroom

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Climate Denier Crock: Winter too cold for Climate Change

Again, the Climate Change Deniers try to spin another smoke screen argument. Watch this video and see what is actually happening with global temperatures right now.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 15

Readings from Peter J Carroll’s book, “PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick” and a reading the first draft of some new work by Ki’a Dragon on Magical Engineering and the Jamendo Musical Review 2009. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE FACEBOOK PAGAN CHAOS MAGIC PAGE. Musical Notes: “She“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 14

The FORBIDDEN episode concluded. Thanks to Dee and listeners. Long ramble tying forbidden sexuality and social structures to the concept of Tribe. Ramble on ideas of IQ, potty parenting, Elimination Communication and more music. Music Notes: Daughter of the Glade, by Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants Brictom, by Eluveitie from the album The Arcane

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Ah well.  2009 was not the Year of the Pagan Podcast at the Podcast Awards. GO WIGGLIAN 2010!!!

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 13

The FORBIDDEN episode. Forbidden sexuality (BDSM, bisexuality), social interactions (social ambush),  relationships (polyamory) and music (bisexuality, sacred feminine, pagan folk metal, polyamory).  This will all tie together with episode 14, but this one ran looong. Musical Notes: Ani Difranco: ‘Blood in the Boardroom‘ on album ‘Puddle Dive‘ Ani Difranco: ‘In or Out‘ on album ‘Imperfectly‘

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Ki’a and Dragonson – October 2009

Ki’a and Dragonson.  A new Facebook picture seemed a good excuse to shoot us together.

Birth of another Climate Change Denier Crock

This is the sort of crap the monied elite try to push.  Watch their lies develop and expand with clever retellings:

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 12

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon raves about how cool the SJ Tucker show he just saw was.  He goes on about how pleasantly surprised he was to discover the singer/songwriter Tom Smith, who opened for SOOJ. In the Second Segment, K.D. finally gets around to talking about Pop Culture and the Astral Plane.  Then

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The Saddest Sign in my town is one year old

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 11

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon plays some tunes and babbles while enjoying a sex buzz, discusses some listener email and talks about how much he is enjoying The Wild Hunt pagan blog. He then reads one of the blog entries that has him excited…the release of the unpublished work by Carl Jung, The Red

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 10

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon makes some corrections and talks a little about safety in Chemgnosis.  Then he raves about some of the kick ass tunes he has been finding on Jamendo. In the Second Segment, K.D. further clarifies something he has teased about on two podcasts without actually talking about…why precisely he has

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Quantum Physics and Buddism

A nice visual perspective of the sort of parallels that I have drawing between magic and quantum physics. Well worth your time.

Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 9

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon talks about good sex as motivation to podcasting. The mood for the evening is hard celtic rap and celtic heavy metal. Buckle up with the weirdness. Hillbillies and other Metalhead Celtomania in this episode. In the Second Segment, KD talks about books from his occult library and how they

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Pagan Chaos Magic : A Special Journal to Dragonson

Something a little chaotic and out of the ordinary.  Ki’a Dragon takes a break from meta-physical theory and revelations from spiritual beings to talk about the only thing that really matters in the end: His Family. Ki’a Dragon has gotten more total questions and inquiries about pagan parenting than all the other questions combined.  People

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 8

In the First segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments, new bigger file size, addendum to guns “kill people and break things” (they also are used to hunt) and then K.D. talks to a commenter who asked about how and why my wife and I decided to start a family. In the Second Segment K.D. 

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The Universe is Dead. Long Live the Multiverse.

The following video touches upon just about EVERYTHING I want to discuss in this podcast when it comes to quantum physics.  This is the scientific core of the Chaos Magic principle of the Quantum Worlds theory, also know by some as the Parallel Universes theory. And what I love about it is that: A. This

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 7

In the first segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments and state of mind. In the Second Segment he attempts to use physics to demonstrate the principle that we are all the Children of the Stars. In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks about Quantum Physics concept of Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action at a

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Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 6

The first segment is a discussion of Zoroastrianism, monotheistic history and the gods and goddess as political beings. In the second segment Ki’a Dragon goes on a long riff about Guns and Mages…or why every witch should own a shotgun. In the final segment an other installment of Journal to Dragonson, where Ki’a Dragon reads

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Feykin and Dragonson at Convocation 2009

And now you know one of the many reasons that I love my wife and son so much.  My woman is beautiful and intelligent and my son a smart, charming little rascal with a smile that is likely to break a few hearts along the way.  I am very blessed.  And it was worth all

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Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 5

The first segment is just a expression of happiness after a rather unpleasant long, dark night of the soul and a little of how Ki’a Dragon got back to happy. In the second segment I discuss the Emotional Vortex Technique that I used to cheer myself up utilizing the Bio-Computer Paradigm that is a subset

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Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 4

The first segment is a general riff on unemployment and frustration with the direction of everything.  Just a mage bitching…not a lot of magical discussion.  This segment is more of an appeal to those who have to help those who have little or none. In the second segment,  I talk about prosperity magic, unemployment, ethics

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Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 3

The first segment deals with my chaotic life and a shout out to those who have given me strokes and brightened my day.  I love the emails, folks. In the second segment,  I make some comments on pagan parenting and discipline.  I am giving an Amen to the most recent Pagan Parents on the Edge

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Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 2

The first segment deals with three methods for using your MP3 player as a sacred and consecrated magical tool. The second segment introduces a semi-regular segment called: A Journal to Dragonson.  This particular segment is about Anger, Fear and Honor. Musical Links “Cernunnos”, Faith and the Muse – Anwynn Beneath the Waves “The Street of

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A Special Episode and Plea for the Pixie

I am having a hard time explaining this show to myself. I haven’t had time to build much of an audience yet…so I am having a hard time understanding the scolding I have been getting from the Fey to get off my ass and do a tribute show ever since I got an email two

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Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 1

This first episode is half auto-biography and half introduction to Chaos Magic. In the first half I introduce myself and talk about why and what this podcast is all about. In the second half I talk about the basic principles of Chaos Magic and why someone would want to practice this form of magic. Musical

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