Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast : Episode 27

Discussion Notes:

– Where I have been
– Death as a Tim Burton character
– OBE unto Death
– Medical miracle
– The ‘Great Wicca Magick Controversy’
– Moving from Solitaire work to Group work
– Ki’a and the Archangel
– Getting better at everything

Music Notes:

– SJ Tucker, “Poem of War” from Album Ember Days album
– Heather Dale, “Brother Stand Beside” from The Green Knight album
– SJ Tucker, “Neptune” from the Mischief album
– SJ Tucker, “The Song of the Witches” from the Wonder album
– Damh the Bard, “Ceridwen and Taliesn” from the Antlered Crown and Standing Stone album
– Eluveitie, “A Rose for Epona” from the helvetios album
– Eluveitie, “Epilogue” from the Helvetios album

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