A Whole New Paradigm is coming

This website is like a great and reliable soldier.  I never wanted to retire this old warhorse because it has served me well for so many years.

But technology marches on and I have a lot of renovating to do.  Due to the following fortuitous circumstances and saving my day job’s per diem checks, PaganChaosMagic.com is getting a whole new look:

  • I purchased lifetime rights to produce and publish anything I can create with Transparent Corp Brainwave Entrainment Software.  I was fortunate that I have a business use for it elsewhere, but to get the right to distribute any tracks I needed to purchase a personal lifetime membership.  PCM benefits as a consequences of that purchase.
  • For the same project and other for-profit projects, I purchased the Ithemes.com Developer Package (which includes the Builder WordPress Template, all themes, all plugins)

So the wonderful fallout of all of the above is that this website is going to undergo MAJOR renovations.

When we are done, you won’t recognize this place.  And we will be able to incorporate more Brainwave Entrainment in future podcasts.

And yes…I am working on the next episode.  Swear to Eris!  I have the abstract completed already.  Now to get some quiet time to record…

And yes…I will put in a proper set of Blogroll Links.  I have been lazy.  There are plenty of links to awesome resources like runesoup.com that I am long overdue for putting together.

Before the big shift, you will notice more and more of the old MP3 feed episodes switching over to the Libsyn feed.  Every episode since 19 has been served from the Libsyn feed, so I am going to finish off loading the old podcasts to the high bandwidth servers of Libsyn and give my own server a rest.

The cool side effect of all this is that once again, the entire library of episodes will be downloadable from ITunes.

It always amazes me to see people still downloading my entire catalog of podcasts.  You people rock!

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