Pagan Chaos Magic : A Special Journal to Dragonson

Something a little chaotic and out of the ordinary.  Ki’a Dragon takes a break from meta-physical theory and revelations from spiritual beings to talk about the only thing that really matters in the end: His Family.

Ki’a Dragon has gotten more total questions and inquiries about pagan parenting than all the other questions combined.  People seem interested in his handling of being a pagan father and the what and why of it.

So KD pulled together several old LiveJournal posts he wrote about how his life changed once he became a parent, both spiritually and practically.  So here is the what, why and even some of the how of Ki’a Dragon and Feykin becoming the proud parents of Dragonson.

The First segment is a post about KD gently coming out to his mother about being a pagan in anticipation of his child’s birth.

The Second segment is two posts.  The first was a post KD had written down after stumbling home from the birth of his son about the experience and how the battle plan fell apart the moment the event started.  The second is a post was written less than a day later.

The Third segment is two posts KD wrote about strange dreams that came to fruition and how he felt like he had jumped storylines in his life’s book.

Musical Notes:
“All Lovers Lost”, Faith and the Muse from the album “Elyria”
“Drum”,  SJ Tucker from the album “Tangles”
“Heal”, Faith and the Muse from the album “Elyria”
“Baba Yaga”,  SJ Tucker from the album “Tangles”

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