Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 8

In the First segment Ki’a Dragon addresses email, blog comments, new bigger file size, addendum to guns “kill people and break things” (they also are used to hunt) and then K.D. talks to a commenter who asked about how and why my wife and I decided to start a family.

In the Second Segment K.D.  tackles the concept of how a Chaos Mage goes about choosing their magical paradigms, pantheons, tools and rituals. Then he talks about his wife reading to their son from Catherine Valente’s fantasy fiction.  I apologize for mistakenly calling her Catherine Tate several times.  Sorry Catherine, I love your work.

In the Third Segment Ki’a Dragon talks Magical Intent and its direct correlation to Hypnosis case studies.  How Intent is everything, from spells to hypnotic trance.

In the Fourth Segment it all gets very weird.  A Journal to Dragonson that went sideways when Eris decided to interject.  It gets pretty out there.  I am still wondering how I did it.  There goes half the audience…*sigh*.

Musical Notes:
“The Well” - Omnia from the album, “Pagan Folk”
“When You are Evil”  – Voltaire from the album, “The Devil’s Bris”
“The Mice” – SJ Tucker from the album, “Solace and Sorrow”
“The Kingdom of Mice, a War Song” – SJ Tucker from the album, “Solace and Sorrow”
“Goodnight Demonslayer”  - Voltaire from the album, “Then and Again”


  1. Well, If you are having a slow documented breakdown, rejoice, you may be remembered as the jack kerouac of the occult podcast scene

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