Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 12

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon raves about how cool the SJ Tucker show he just saw was.  He goes on about how pleasantly surprised he was to discover the singer/songwriter Tom Smith, who opened for SOOJ.

In the Second Segment, K.D. finally gets around to talking about Pop Culture and the Astral Plane.  Then he talks about some fresh new magical podcasts that have caught his attention.  Here are the links K.D. promised:

Adventures in Jediism, Chaos & Thelema : Podcast
Witchmix : Podcast
Ekistomancy – the Magic of Cities : Blog

In the closing scattered segments, K.D. plays new Tricky Pixie!!!  He gabs about being being absorbed by the Borg…er…Facebook.  The Forums are working here at if you want to give them a try.

Musical Notes:
Rich Fantasy Lives“, Tom Smith from the album They Say I Have Talent
A Dragon’s Lullaby“, Tom Smith from the album They Say I Have Talent
Ballad of the Boy Cat“, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants
Sympathy for the Devil“, Inkubus Sukkubus from the album Science and Nature

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