Pagan Chaos Magic the Podcast: Episode 28

Show Notes:

How Ki’a encountered a demon and what happened afterward.

Music Notes:

“Witches Woe”, by The Dolmen from the album Ah Ry Ah
“The Uprising”, by Eluveitie from the album Helvetios
“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, by Heather Dale from the album the Green Knight
“Wonders”, by SJ Tucker from the album Wonders


  1. […] Annahme, ich würde überhaupt besagte Techniken verwenden. Bald darauf erschien ein Podcast (Pagan Chaos Magic episode 28), der mich vollends ins zweifeln brachte, ob das hier alles noch meine Welt ist. In meinem […]

    [Assumption that I would ever use these techniques. Soon after, a podcast appeared (Pagan Chaos Magic episode 28), who brought me into completely doubting whether this is all still my world.]

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