Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 11

In the First Segment, Ki’a Dragon plays some tunes and babbles while enjoying a sex buzz, discusses some listener email and talks about how much he is enjoying The Wild Hunt pagan blog. He then reads one of the blog entries that has him excited…the release of the unpublished work by Carl Jung, The Red Book.

In the Second Segment, K.D. gives a primer in Chemgnosis Safety.  What to completely avoid and why, some of the best practices and things to not do.  He describes a truly stupid mistake he once made while walking the Chemgnosis path and how he almost died.

In the Third Segment, K.D. asks a question of the audience and asks for their opinions or references.

Lliendes“, by Xera from the album Lliendes
In The Circle“, by Hungry Lucy from the album Glo
God Thinks“, by Voltaire from the album Almost Human
Evil Things“, by TenPenny Joke from the album Ambush of All Sides
Part of Your Mudra“, by Emma Wallace from the album A Reason to Stay Up All Night

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