Pagan Chaos Magic: Episode 2

The first segment deals with three methods for using your MP3 player as a sacred and consecrated magical tool.

The second segment introduces a semi-regular segment called: A Journal to Dragonson.  This particular segment is about Anger, Fear and Honor.

Musical Links
“Cernunnos”, Faith and the Muse – Anwynn Beneath the Waves
“The Street of Red Laterns”,  Tree of Shadows – Pause
“Go Away Godboy”,  S.J. Tucker – Sirens

Anger as a Positive Emotion – Science and Opinion
Carnegie Mellon study on how anger is healthier than fear
Another good article on the same Carnegie Mellon study
10 Ways Angry people change the world

Book Recommendations
Seth: Post-Modern Magick


  1. just started listening to the show, enjoy it very much.
    you don’t seem to have the pretentious air the hosts of some occult podcasts seem to.

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